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Great affordable alternative to the Electric Brompton

I've got a regular Brompton and was interested in the electric Brompton when they came out however the high cost (over $3k) and minimal features put me off.

So far (2 weeks), I've found the Alps to be a good, affordable alternative to an electric Brompton.

It weighs the same as the electric Brompton ~38lbs and the Alps seems to be a quality product. The Alps ride is smoother and much more comfortable than my non-electric Brompton. I suspect this is due to the Alps longer wheel base along with the 16" CST branded 52-305 (~40psi) ballon tires versus the Brompton's 16" 35-349 (~100psi) tires (The CST tires won't fit on a Brompton as the rims are a different size).

My Alps arrived in good shape minus a slightly bent front brake rotor due to an overabundance of packing material on the folded handlebars pressing on the front brake rotor during shipping. This was easily corrected with a brake rotor truing tool and some minor brake adjustments.

The rear brake is a low maintenance Nexus roller drum brake which seems to work well in this application.

The Alps folds in a similar way to the Brompton however the front wheel is parked on the opposite side, leaving the chainring and chain exposed.

The folded Alps is a bit unsteady on it's rollers as the front motor adds extra weight, so it's prone to tipping on that side - I believe the Electric Brompton may also have this issue. Also, the Alps is slightly larger folded and the handlebar does not have a latch to secure it in it's folded position; the Brompton has a handlebar latch.

The Alps battery is hidden in the top tube and the tube must be folded open to access the battery for charging. A nice improvement would be to add an external charge port to eliminate the need to fold for charging. The Brompton's battery rides in a bag on the front luggage clip. The Alps has no luggage clip however it appears to have the mounting holes to add a Brompton luggage clip.

The Alps has torque sensing pedal assist which is a much more natural experience than the jolts you get from a cadence sensor type. There's also a throttle. The display is basic with only speed, trip and odometer readings in kph by default. You must manually switch to mph every startup. Another small inconvenience; the trip does not read in tenths of miles. There's also an optional front light that's powered from the main battery.

I've ridden both the non-electric & electric Brompton and I can't get over how much better the Alps floats over the bumps and gives a superior riding experience.

The seller has been very helpful and responsive with questions.

So far, my only concern is long term support with a niche product, however...

You can always pay ~2.5x more for an electric Brompton with less features (6 vs 7 speed, rim vs disc brakes, no digital display or throttle, harsh ride) and get a longer warranty with access to their support network.

It's nice to have affordable choices.



Carlton Gadgettmann 

April 17, 2024

A Kool Folding Bike

In February I purchased the Igogomi Alps 3 speed folding bike and approximately1 month later I purchased the 7 speed version with the rear drum brake for about 300 dollars less. These Igogomi Alps bikes are definitely well made Class 2 Ebikes. I like the wider wheels that comes with the Igogomi bikes over my thinner wheels that are on my Brompton A line bike. I also like how the handlebars are adjustable and labeled on the IgoIgomi with height adjustment increment numbers, whereas on the Brompton A line, the handlebar is not adjustable. The Igogomi Alps bikes are built solid and super strong and the seat posts on the Igogomi Alps bikes are labeled with height adjustment increment numbers. I did have to take me Igogomi Alps 7 speed folding bike to the bike shop after my initial ride for some minor adjustments on the rear drum brake which was way to tight and the rear wheel wouldn't turn freely and it was causing the battery to drain quickly. I also had to have my gears adjusted because several gears on the bike were trying to skip. In conclusion, I'm satisfied with my 2 purchases and I will buy again if needed.

Update: I'm very satisfied with my purchase of two of these Igogomi Alps Electric Folding bikes, however my 7 speed version bike which originally had plenty of power in trottle mode has somehow lost it torque and power. The bike can barely climb the slightest of a hill without having difficulty in throttle mode. In the pedal assist mode the bike operates perfectly but not in the throttle mode. I tried contacting customer service about my problem but they never got back in touch with me.



P. Kim

March 14, 2024

Great portable bike has lot to offer at value price but could improve a bit

Came in very good condition, no major issues, only the back light reflector was broken, what I heard a lot about disk break bending was not the case here. With larger than Brompton (thicker wheels, thicker frame), it was heavier than expected but still came under 40 lbs. set up was quick as mostly it was assembled.

Ride: Ride was smooth, after riding 26 inch mountain bike, this took a bit of getting used to like non stop pedaling. Shift was smooth but at gear 5 it keep shift down and back up like click down then click up, so going up hill, you shift down to 4 then gear 4 does the same thing. All other gears were working fine. Rear brake was bit tight and front bit lose.

Bike: The handle bar being u shaped, you do lose lots of valuable handle bar space, 1) I was able to flip down the bell so I could add another item while having it flipped down it served better by no having to move my hand to ring the bell, here I just need to move my thumb (Pic 1). 2) Left hand control, take off the e-shifter/accelerator, moved the monitor to far left and put the e-shifter under, this way I was able to make change to Power level while able to also use e-shifter without taking my hand off the handle (pic2).

Security: As you can see in the pic3, front axle fold is done by manual screw on and off to lock the joint together held by a metal coupling. When you fold, you will see the battery unit in the body, there is a latch to hold it in. Which means the battery unit is not lockable. So anyone can open the fold by unscrew and pull out the battery. Where as most ebikes have a lock on the battery unit, be it seat post battery, in body battery with locks on the battery in the frame or the lockable fold. If the screw on/off unit was a lock that would have been great and not have to worry about the battery being stolen or fold to pull out the battery every time you lock up to go in somewhere else. (portable as it seem, you cannot take this inside of restaurant or shops.)

Overall, this is very good value compare to Brompton (where C line 6 speed runs $1750 + e conversion), just portable enough to carry around without breaking your back, folds very fast, takes 1-2 min to fold. My reason for 4 star, shift issue at gear 4 and 5, and lack of battery lock or security. Having said this at this price point, I will buy another later for wife, so we both can carry a bike around when we travel. Next project, remove the rear rack to fit it in the large suit case and see if it can be carried on the planes.



February 14, 2024

Very easy for commuting and calling attention

This bike is all I needed for an affordable price. It doesn’t occupy much space, I can leave it in the luggage compartment when taking express bus. It really calls the attention of everyone for its size and beauty. I’m very happy with this product.


Amazing ebike

January 22, 2024

Amazing ebike

I have been using the bike for a few weeks now, and I can say I'm really happy with it. The only thing I didn't like that much is that it came with the chain tensioner in the color red, although, I bought the bike in black. That said everything works fine, so I don't mind it that much. I was able to put a front carrier holder and I use a Brompton-like front carrier basket to carry my stuff, which is super convenient. I'm overall super happy with the purchase and I find it super convenient to commute in the city.


Shayana Kadidal

September 23, 2023

Outstanding quality - very precisely made, and stylish, and loads of fun

I couldn’t be more pleased with this bike, an outstanding bargain. Since there was such limited information out there on it, I’m writing a longish review (I got the 7-speed).

First of all, fit and finish are outstanding. (Appears to be the same bike as the Raintree Habitech Alps sold in Singapore.) The clamps and folding & locking mechanisms on the frame couldn’t be more precisely made. Usually metal component parts like the cranks on bikes in this price range are pretty crudely manufactured. Not here – there are no rough edges, or weak spots in the anodized black finish, on the bars/seatpost/cranks/etc. Overall, the aesthetics are excellent: nice black finish on all the metal including the rims, and everything has a very heavyweight look, with very tight tolerances. The paint colors all appear to be metallic, almost pearlescent; this particular Bianchi celadon paint looks great. Stock grips are excellent. Wires/cables are well organized, fold well, and stay out of the way visually and functionally. Nice grooves on the seatpost and vertically-telescoping handlebar to make sure they stay aligned/straight.

It’s been a few years since I rode on a friend’s Brompton, which felt like a little kid’s bike -- so jittery. Compared to that, the handling of this one is a lot more stable. It doesn’t look like the front geometry features much more “trail,” so I’m guessing it’s the weight of the hub motor that is stabilizing the handling. The boost comes on pretty smoothly (but I have little to compare it to, since this is my first e-bike).

The tires are wider than typical, 52 mm, overall diameter looks to be right at 16”, about an inch smaller than my 1999 Birdy. Disc brake in the front works fine; I had no issue with the rotor getting bent in transit, like some other did. The Shimano 7 speed Nexus hub works like all Shimano products – well. There is a clip on the front fork that allows it to latch onto the folded rear of the bike and keeps the front of the bike from folding back out when you push it. 28 spokes in the front, more in the back. The pedals both fold, they’re nice and grippy. Battery sits inside the oversized aluminum frame.

Negatives: As others have mentioned, when folded, the weight of the front hub makes it want to tip over to that side rather than stay planted on the 4 wheels of the rear rack. I don't know that there is a good solution for this other than to keep the handlebars up rather than folded, or to install some extender axles to the rack wheels, like you can do to retrofit to Bromptons for the same problem. ... There’s no disc in the back, contrary to the listing – instead it's a drum brake with some sort of heat-radiating disc that looks like a very stylish rotor. Comes with a tiny removable light strapped on in the front – no rear light. The light is not integrated/powered by the main battery. ... Saddle is hugely wide, I can’t imagine any normal sized male using it. ... Q-factor on the cranks appears to be over 170mm; I put a DuraAce crank on my Birdy, but not sure what the bracket situation is underneath the stock crank -- measures at 68mm? so maybe standard English bracket threads underneath? ... The seatpost is 33.9mm in diameter, which is too wide for all the rear lights I have on hand; I ordered a PlanetBike stretch strap intended for wide triathlon bike tubes so I can attach a regular rear LED light. At maximum extension the seatpost can almost accommodate my usual saddle height of 74cm; longer aftermarket Brompton posts won’t fit (they are 31.8mm).




July 22, 2023

 Great Folding E-Bike


I am resubmitting my review as I have finally completed the set-up after a hiccup. I received the bike awhile ago but the disc rotor was warped. The seller responded quickly and assisted to resolve the brake issue.

Having tested the bike in manual 3 speed pedal mode, peddle assist, and full e-throttle I can attest that this is a great multi-mode hybrid bike. I say hybrid because it human and e-powered. The build quality is solid and the innovation to place the battery in the frame protecting it from the elements while balancing the weight shows a great deal of thought was put into the design. I also love the adjustable handle bar to fit the bike to the rider.

I originally wanted the Nexus 7 speed hub configuration but am quite pleased with the simplicity and range of the 3 speed Sturmey Archer hub. In manual pedal mode only, the bike shifts great and can climb moderate hills and move quickly on flat terrain.

Peddle assist takes the bike to another level and is where it really shines! There are 5 levels of assist and I was pleasantly surprised with the boost of power, even on level 1, that came on instantly peddling a small incline. I tested the maximum setting 5 and all I can say is wow! With the 350W motor engaged, there is no necessity for double or triple cranks to climb a hill. I felt like I had bionic legs!

I cross shopped this bike against the famous "B" brand folding electric bike and the famous "D" brand folding bike. The "B" owners are quick to say any bike that is not a "B" is a clone, while I respectfully disagree based on the history perspective, it is a good basis of comparison for the other benefit of the iGOGOMi ALPS, the fold.

This bike folds pretty compact compared to other brands that only fold in half. I suppose not quite as good as the "B" brand, given the placement of of the crank and the side that the handle bars fold over, but for my purposes it works. This baby can be folded and rolled or carried onto public transportation, placed under my desk, placed in the trunk of my car. So, for me it is a winner.

Finally, I think overall this bike is a great value. It shares similarities to the "B" & "D" folding bikes at a lower and competitive price, while improving the folding design with the internal battery storage, adjustable handlebars, and a more powerful motor. I am very satisfied with this purchase!

09/11/23 Update:

In two weeks this bike has been a pleasure to ride. I'd like to give my impressions of the bike's capabilities after riding it around the loop road trail at Stone Mountain, GA. This road trail is an approximate 5 mile loop that has many hills, some gradual and some steep. There are also some flat stretches.

I wanted to understand the bike's capabilities with the lowest possible pedal assist combined with each of the three gears and all out pedal assist at level 5. On some of the steepest hills I found that steady spinning at gear 1 or 2 with peddle assist at 3 or 4 was sufficient to climb. My main goal was to conserve battery power.

On the flat stretches I alternated between switching to high gear 3 with zero power assist to adding power assist 1-5 just to compare speed and efficiency. Honestly the bike is fast enough for street riding in zero assist mode. Gear 3 combined with pedal assist 1-5 at a steady cadence incrementally increases efficiency, making the effort less for quick speed. I did notice that the bike takes a pause to sense pedal torque pressure and cadence before kicking in. However, this is not a race bike. I repeat this is not a race bike. It is perfect for leisure riding and short commuting (even better combined with public transportation).

The battery lasted one full charge for 2 weekend Stone Mountain rides (approx 21 miles) hitting zero level battery at the end of my second ride. The great thing is that at battery 100% depletion, I peddled the bike normally with three gears.



Alex Fornes

March 4, 2024

 Fantastic budget Ebike option

Edit: Dropping down to 4 stars as the battery indicator is stuck at 99% and doesn't show draining. Support has been unhelpful in fixing it. Not a huge deal though, as every other function of the bike is working as intended.

As many others have said, this is very similar to a certain B named bicycle company whose patent may or may not have run out on their design in October of 1999. The folding is slightly different, as the front does not fold up to cover the bike chain. The handlebars do not clamp down when completely folded (easily fixed with a strap). I also had to take it to a bike shop on arrival, as it came with some minor issues like the bike chain misaligned and the brake positions not tuned to my liking. My bike also comes to about 38 lbs with the battery inside, but still carry-able.

And that's the last "bad" thing I have to say about this bike. The fold is close enough to not truly matter, and it has a hook to keep the front wheel in when folded. It runs fast and goes far (about 40 miles with intermittent throttle usage and pedal assist), incredibly convenient and compact, compatible with many B branded or other accessories, has an adjustable height handlebar(!), and still saved me almost $3,000. Had it for about a month now in the Chicago area and I use it more than my car. Awesome bike!




November 20, 2023

Very nice bike!

This bike is very impressive and well made. The only reason it is not 5 stars to me is that description and photos led me to believe it had disc brakes on both front and rear. While the front does, the rear has some weird drum brake thing with a disc looking part that seems useless. It was too tight, making the wheel not spin freely and it is constructed in such a way that I could not adjust it with my normal tools. So I took it to a bike shop and they were able to adjust it. It does ride nice and the battery has great capacity. It fits inside the frame, so it’s hard to tell the bike is electric from looking at it. The paint job is like glass; very nice.



Chris Bryce

July 27, 2023

 It's Well Built, It Folds Small, It's Light, and it's an ebike!

This is the lightest smallest ebike you can buy at this price point. I just got the bike and it has met all my expectations so far. It was easy to put together - took 5 minutes. I charged it for 6 hours before riding it. I can't believe how light this thing is. I have a Brompton and it's very similar, but not exactly the same. This bike is only 5 pounds heavier than a Brompton and it's an ebike. Wow! The disk brakes are great. so is the telescoping handlebar. It folds a little larger than a Brompton, so be aware of that. the front hub motor is great for hills - which would otherwise be a problem for a three gear bike. The build quality seems excellent. Be aware if you buy this bike not to place the shifter directly up against the brake lever. I did that initially and the shifter wouldn't shift to higher gears. Turns out the brake clamp screw got in the way of the shifter. Once I realized this I just separated the two by rotating them apart by a couple millimeters.


Kaila o.

July 27, 2023

the best!

I'm thrilled. Fast delivery, super packaged. My husband assembled it in less than an hour. Everything you need is included. It looks very classy. So out on the street ... mine first time on an e bike. For the first few meters I had to laugh, I didn't expect such a thrust, what driving fun. I am completely unsportsmanlike and then I rode about 12 km for fun. No problem uphill or downhill. Nothing rattles, nothing squeaks. I guess we'll soon be ordering one for my husband too





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