Since its inception in Los Angeles in 2015, Igogomi ALPS has embodied the essence of youth, passion, and uncompromising quality within the bicycle industry. More than a mere bicycle manufacturer, this brand embarks on a journey to integrate bicycle culture, art, and technology in innovative ways.


The Igogomi ALPS team is a vibrant ensemble of energetic professionals and artistic talents, guiding every step of the process from conceptualization, design, to communication. They relentlessly pursue innovation, staying abreast of style trends while breaking new ground in technology and materials. Their objective is to craft bicycle products that are aesthetically pleasing yet highly functional.


Igogomi ALPS upholds rigorous standards and demanding requirements in selecting bicycle components. Each part is carefully chosen to ensure optimal performance on the frame, balancing weight and overall vehicle performance. The designers' ingenuity is further exemplified in their innovative integration of the battery within the frame, seamlessly merging electrification with the bicycle. This design not only enhances the bike's aesthetics and lightness, but also elevates the riding experience.


To cater to the diverse needs of users, Igogomi ALPS consistently develops new bicycles, particularly tailored for lightweight usage scenarios. In collaboration with various automobile brands in Europe, Japan, South Korea, and beyond, they have introduced customized electric bicycle products.


Igogomi ALPS firmly believes that electric bicycles represent a pivotal development in future transportation. They remain committed to technological innovation and product advancements, aiming to offer users more convenient, environmentally friendly, and health-oriented travel options.