IGOGOMI ALPS 3 folding 5-Speed Electric Bicycles( black)

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battery weighs 3lbs

  • 【The IGOGOMI Fold】All the benefits of an E-bike, packed into the original 3-part fold. It takes around 25-seconds to transform your bike into a small compact package (28.7 Inches highx 26Inches long x 13 Inches wide)32 Lbs that you can tow, stow and carry anywhere. Travels on rush-hour trains, metros,underground, overground, car trunks and cabs. No need to leave it outside. Just enjoy the ride.
  • 【Your ride, You decide.】Customize your ride performance with 3 riding modes.Go full throttle up to 19 mile/h on battery power alone. But the IGOGOMI folding bike also rides like a traditional pedal-only bicycle. Need some extra oomph? Turn on the pedal-to-go for a boost of electric power as you pedal.It makes riding easier for you.
  • 【Charge on the go】The compact IGOGOMI Electric 36V / 6.8Ah lithium-ion battery packs in the power. The maximum driving range is 50 miles And when it comes to charging, it’s as easy as plugging in your phone. Plug into any regular socket. Fully charge in 4 hours*.
  • 【High Efficiency Brushless motor】350Wh Brushless motor With 5 adjustable gears,conquer steep hills and inclines with ease.The perfect dual disc brakes and lighting system fully protect your safety.
  • 【Adopts torque sensor】,Whether starting or continuing the ride is more suited to the driver's intentions, the power is smoother and more power-saving
  • 【The hidden design battery】It is simple and beautiful, and the weight distribution before and after is more balanced, and the safety is better. In case of a fall or accident, the battery will not receive direct impact due to the protection of the frame
  • 【With the built-in transmission】 It is not only smaller in size, but also less in maintenance, lower in use difficulty and cost, and quieter and more comfortable to ride.
  • 【Rich configuration】New digital display thumb shifter,WELLGO aluminum folding pedal,Electric throttle,SAMSUNG 3500 Cell,5 gear Lcd display
  • Note : As the actual range the E-bike can travel depends on a lot of factors. Key factors such as weight of rider, load, assist mode, terrain, riding style and condition of the E-bike affect the actual range. As such, the range indicated is based on a new E-bike, 60kg rider, no additional load, mid assist mode, travelling on a straight path continuously.
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